Episode 026 – Sarah Thomas, PhD

Show Notes

This week Ken joins Sarah Thomas, PhD to discuss her work projects. Sarah is an amazing educator who has done excellent work in flipped and blended learning but the work that I find the most important is her founding of the EduMatch project to help educators connect globally. We talk about her work with that project, her transition from the classroom to spending more time working with educators, listening to podcasts at 3 time speed, sharing on the web, self care and more.

There were a few audio issues (totally my fault, I am still learning). I tried to edit to make it not sound like we were cutting each other off but audio editing is difficult! Sorry Sarah!

Working on not having so much time between recording and releasing. My comments on not spoiling her “upcoming” talk sends me to guilt-land for taking so long on these productions. If you do get a chance to see Sarah speak, I highly recommend it. I’ve heard so many great comments about her talks. This episode interview was recorded on December 1st, 2018.

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