Episode 008 – Birgit Jensen

Show Notes

This week Ken chats with Birgit Jensen.

Birgit is an associate professor of German at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. She started flipping her Beginning German courses in 2014 and now strongly endorses flipped learning to bring cross-cultural critical thinking to students of foreign languages. She is currently collaborating with her colleague Laura Levi Altstaedter on research about the efficacy of flipping foreign-language instruction (hint: they got excellent data so far!).

Birgit’s blog is “Flipped Learning in My Beginning German Courses” and can be contacted via jensenb@ecu.edu. Their German program can be found at http://www.ecu.edu/german/

We discussed Flipped Learning as it applies to language learning, confusion between the terms flipped classroom and flipped learning and Birgit’s research.

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