Episode 035: Eirik Wattengård

Show Notes

(edit: I noticed this was titled episode 36, it is in fact 35. This may become a tradition)

This week Matthew Moore talks with Eirik Wattengård from their time together at FlipTech New England 2019. Eirik is a Video Producer / Multimedia Technologist (Higher Executive Officer) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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Episode 034 – Chris Gilliard

Show Notes

(edit: I noticed this was titled episode 33, it is in fact 34. Leaving permalink the same to not break things)

This week Ken chats with Chris Gilliard, known to many as @hypervisible on Twitter. I met Chris through Virtually Connecting (a common theme in these upcoming episodes) and admire and deeply respect his work in the area of data privacy, surveillance and digital redlining. Last semester I was pulling much of his work to include in my course titled Smart Citizens (originally Smart Cities and in the podcast recordingI was saying “Digital Citizens”).

We discuss his work and the bulk of the conversation was myself picking Chris’s brain and his many years of teaching online (over 20 years) to quiz him on how to connect with our students online. I will have my first experience later this year in a fully online mode of teaching at the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

I also have to state here that Chris’s laugh is wonderful! This was a really engaging conversation for myself and I thank him for his time recording this episode.

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