TL007 The Teacher’s Lounge – Seasons of Teaching

Welcome to the Teachers Lounge brought to you by EDU@YourBest in collaboration with the Flipped Learning Network.

In today’s episode, an encounter with an old high-school teacher of my own brings up the topic of reflection from the three of us about the changing seasons of our teaching careers. Join us as we talked about being an 11 year teacher, a 17 year teacher, and a 21 year teacher.  How do seasons change in our career, and how do those changing seasons affect our classroom management, planning, presentation, and role that we play in our learning community.

This podcast is produced by EDU@YourBest and is a collaboration with The Flipped Learning Network is a non-profit community of educators focused on sharing and supporting ideas and good practice in flipped, blended, and flexible learning environments that reflect the four pillars that help define F-L-I-P.  We are also a community built on collaboration and sharing. If you would like to share your thoughts, ideas, blogs, vlogs, tweets, toks, papers, questions, or comments with us we would love to hear from you via the comment discussions in our posts, through our contact page (, or via Twitter (we are @FlippedLearning) or Facebook

TL001: Welcome to the Teachers Lounge – Who Are We?

This is our very first episode of the Teachers Lounge brought to you by the Flipped Learning Network & EDU@YourBest.   This podcast does endeavor to stay on track with topics in education, but is intentionally informal in nature.  Bryan, Ross and I introduce ourselves and attempt to use our 23 minutes of lunch to improve education, or at least our classrooms. 

In this episode we do attempt to give you a small picture of who we are and what we are up to in our classrooms. We talk about the rise of tech in the classroom.  We discuss the changing expectations with regard to differentiation.  We also lay out a few goal we are working on throughout this school year. Although we all teach math, as veteran teachers we are involved in many broad areas of education as members of teams, team leaders, and local iconoclasts.  Also I am a full on flipped educator and Ross uses flipped elements, Bryan reflects a more traditional classroom format.   The Flipped Learning Network has been kind enough to team with us in launching this podcast but conversations will not be limited to the flipped model. 

Join us as we embark on this little experiment and discuss our thoughts and opinions over our lunches.