TL002: Dirty Words Like Extra Credit

Join Ross, Bryan, and me as we hit the ground running and establish what will be an ongoing discussion of topics in education as we use our 23 minutes of lunch time to change the world (or at least our classrooms).

In this episode we tackle Bryan’s topic of “extra credit”. This lightening rod topic begins what has turned out to be a multi-episode thread on the nature of grading and assessment. From the term itself, to the implied impact for both students and teachers, this seemingly simple concept has deep significance in our local learning community. I am willing to bet that anyone who has been a teacher for any reasonable amount of time has encountered a request for, or desire to award, “extra credit”. We discuss our personal views, and how this concept is more a symptom of deeper education issues, including classroom funding.

Join us and as always feel free to comment in the appropriate area below this post. We don’t always have answers but good conversation is a start.

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