Episode 021 – Alan Levine

Show Notes

Photo of Alan Levine in the rain.
The rain today on the trail was persistent, but all in all, it was not all that much, just misty. Thanks JT for the great tour of this mountain in your backyard.

This week Ken joins Alan Levine to discuss open sharing on the internet. I followed Alan’s work for some time and in 2015 I had the opportunity to work together with Alan, Brian, Tannis, Nancy, and others as part of the award winning #AgoraUDG project. The collaboration continued and I contributed an open story about connections leading to more connections to contribute to another Alan Levine project “True Stories of Open Sharing“.

I truly owe much to Alan and his generosity and am excited to share this conversation with you all. Enjoy the show and we welcome feedback via comments, tweets to hosts and/or the AskTheFLN Twitter account or as a comment via iTunes.

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