Episode 020 Talking Teacher Tool Making with @MrDeltaMath, Zach Korzyk

Show Notes

This week Matthew Moore talks with education tool creator Zach Korzyk This podcast focuses on Zach Korzyk, the creator of an amazing free learning tool called DeltaMath, but the focus is NOT math but the story and philosophy of an educator trying to meet the needs of his students. DeltaMath is a great tool but what I found most engaging is the educational philosophies of the educator that have shaped this tool.  We talk about what it takes to make a top shelf education tool and provided to students and teachers for free.  We talk about how his students have helped shape a tool that is actively being used by 25000 student right now.  Finally, we talk about the impact that one teacher in New York can have from his classroom and his apartment on so many teachers and student.  This is a great tool for flipped classrooms, but is an even more powerful story of making a better tool because it is good for students.  Enjoy the show and we welcome feedback via comments, tweets to hosts and/or the AskTheFLN Twitter account or as a comment via iTunes. If you would like to support The Flipped Learning Network, please visit our page where you can consider how to support your not-for-profit community.

Guest Bio

Zach Korzyk is the creator of DeltaMath, a free online resource used by thousands of teachers and nearly a million students. He is in his 12th year as a public school math teacher at Manhattan Village Academy and also a Math for America Master Teacher.  Continue reading