Episode 022: Starting Jr. High…As The Teacher w/ Jen Brummer

Show Notes

This week Matthew Moore talks with veteran junior high science teacher Jen Brummer about starting over at a fresh school well into a successful career.  Mrs. Brummer is a teaching veteran of 19 years in the science classroom, but this year she began a new chapter at a new school.  We discussed what it is like to move from a long term teaching job in one junior high to take on the challenges of teaching in a different district with new colleagues. What does it feel like to be the new kid on the block?  How does the attitude of the staff at the new school impact and affect that transition. Join us as we discuss being the new kid on the block. Enjoy the show and we welcome feedback via comments, tweets to hosts and/or the AskTheFLN Twitter account or as a comment via iTunes. If you would like to support The Flipped Learning Network, please visit our page where you can consider how to support your not-for-profit community.

Guest Bio

Jen Brummer is a science teacher of 19 year experience. She is an engaging educator with an excitement for science and love of junior high students. A great opportunity to make a transition provided this wife and mother a chance to start junior high in a new district. Continue reading