Episode Two – David Walsh

Show Notes

This time our regular co-host Adriana Ortega is busy with some other very important projects so Ken Bauer and Matthew Moore share the hosting duties to bring David Walsh to the podcast to talk mostly about non-linear flip. David joined us from his school so we have some background noise and apologize for that. Ken did his best cleaning up the alarms and will remember to save clips for a featured bloopers show perhaps in the future.

Enjoy the show and we welcome feedback via comments, tweets to hosts and/or the AskTheFLN Twitter account or as a comment on iTunes

The Questions

Kelly Walsh sent in a comment about our Question#2 (see below) from the episode zero podcast. We include the text below for your reference, you can go back to that podcast to hear the question in Ben’s voice.

We welcome more questions to add to our program. When sending a question, comment or reply, please include the episode number in the subject and/or body of your message as well as any contact information such as Twitter handle that you would like us to include. We will include your name in the text and audio unless you request otherwise.



Benjamin Stewart (from Mexico)

What types of policies or practices can you recommend when thinking about a creative commons license that would apply to any type of content generated from either a student or a teacher. I’m thinking in terms of higher education but this would apply for K-12 as well.

Links Mentioned

Ken’s Take

I am apt to quote Rush often in conversation but I have been reflecting often about the cost of choice for myself and my students. This lyric expresses what I feel some students are asking me: “Let me not choose, tell me what to do”.

Music Credit

The music (titled Aloft) clip at the start and end of the podcast is copyright by Kelly Walsh and used with permission.

Podcast Logo Credit

The image of a microphone used in the logo for our podcast is courtesy of Eric Harvey.

I apologize for neglecting to give Eric credit in the previous posts, I’m still learning this podcast process. I went back to add this credit to the previous episodes.

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