Episode 004 – Carolina Buitrago

Show Notes

This week Ken chats with Carolina Buitrago about her experiences with flipped classroom. Carolina is a university professor at Institución Universitaria Colombo Americana in Bogotá Colombia.

Carolina discusses her work in a teacher training environment and challenges working with adult learners. We also discuss the challenges to learners as well as instructors when changing roles in the learning process. What it is like to be “that lone wolf” in your own institution and how students deal with having flipped teachers mixed with non-flipped teachers in their programs.

  • This is the first time that I heard the word “fliperentiated”.
  • We also mentioned “one is never too old to innovate” and I shouted out to Moises from the UdGAgora project.
  • Some discussion about why blogging.

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Ken’s Take

Ken's take, image with quote from Carolina Buitrago. Text is below image in post.

Quote from Carolina during the podcast.

You actually want to give them some freedom, you want them to experiment the classroom as an active learning environment.

You are my professor but you want me to do all the work. Absolutely, yeah, that’s how it works.

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